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Toxic to fluorine say " not "
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The little baby that many young father and mother dote on to give his adds nutrition, dried fish floss, fish is put to work in past meal, still eat when snacks to them at ordinary times. Look dried fish floss, fish does what nutrition abounds quite, but, you may not know, the content of the fluoride in this kind of snacks is closer than common food tower above thousandfold! If edible of long-term, abundantly, bring about chronic fluorine likely toxic, expression is fluorine spot tooth and fluorine bone disease.

Modern science proves, sea fish is to contain a lot offluorine food, its the fluorine of 90% above is contained in fishbone. And the main raw material of dried fish floss is sea fishbone is mixed a few cruelly oppress. Fluorine is the microelement with indispensible human body, but human body is daily need 1 ~ only 2 milligram, among them 1/3 come from food, 2/3 come from drinking water. Human body is daily need fluorine only 6 milligram of 4 ~ , exceed this limit, redundant fluorine is inside human body save up, fluorine happens after a few months toxic, first show is fluorine spot tooth.

The typical display of fluorine spot tooth is: The tooth is general and coarse, lacklustre, the tooth has the stain with strong chalk and streak apparently, then develops cinnamon, even black. 12 years old of the following children are in constant tooth to grow development and bud give level, the tooth of this phase is the strongest to the sensitivity of fluorine, and when the child of this phase loves snack just about.

Fluorine is toxic more serious is " fluorine bone disease " , the patient feels lumbar leg, joint is painful in the begining, then limb, rachis is out of shape, bow-backed even, sweeny, long-term bedfast, osteoporosis, exert oneself to do sth. a little or fall can produce fracture. Fluorine bone disease is opposite mostly bodily form is influential, such, person not beautiful, painful.

And, cheeper likes what to eat, eat insufficient, the need when eating piscine doing and dried fish floss chews repeatedly, at that time a lot of more salivary, the acid-base value of a large number of saliva produces change, it is a kind of harm to the child's tooth.

So, pa Mom should understand sanitarian common sense more, make the child toxic to fluorine say " not " .