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Children appliance must choose on the safe side
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  3 kinds of danger in little baby life

If do not have use safety,appliance perhaps is used undeserved, the likelihood produces a few risk --

1. Anoxic likelihood makes the cerebra of little baby is affected

Little baby is anoxic can make the development of cerebrum gets noisy. If let still cannot sit alone,the little baby that stand sits on the chair of L form, can make the respiratory tract press press of little baby, because breathe difficulty,be met thereby and bring about anoxic.

2. Shake little baby strongly to may cause cerebrum loss

Intense rock little baby can cause the loss of cerebrum. Although do not have traumatic, but may have produced loss in the cerebrum interior of little baby, although go up not to look at all in appearance, and little baby also does not have the sense with extraordinary what at that time. But may cause harm to little baby. Children appliance is so indispensible on the safe side, although also do not answer in advancing road,be like baby carrier too acuteness around left and right sides shakes.

3. Little baby sudden death

This kind of danger comes in 4 months after be born malcontent in the little baby of 1 one full year of life incidental, pediatric society of the United States thinks the bed of beyond the mark softness is provided or temperature is too hot it is little baby sudden death one of main reasons.

Fetal darling passes 280 days grow, eventually capable from mom abdomen " little room " be gotten out, but at this moment the epitome that little baby still is not father mother body far, all sorts of their function still are in development, return in the body very immature. To protect very lovely little baby, nurse to theirs need is careful all the more, when choosing appliance of a few babies especially, should choose those to be able to give little baby science the product that safety caresses.

   Sketch of state of little baby body

To little baby, in 3 years old previously, especially 1 year old before, all sorts of body function still are in development, have the following characteristic --

1. The little baby that just was born is " big head baby "

The cent of little baby body that just is born is quarter, the head occupies 1/4. Compare with other position photograph, the head is particularly heavy, be called to be so " big head baby " , and their skull thin soft, xin door has not closed completely, cerebral blood-vessel is very flimsy also, easy damaged. Children appliance should be so soft safe, the head to darling can undertake be caressinged safely. If acerb toy cannot be put on the small bed of darling, of small bed protect column to want burnish light to slip, the nail on small bed and screw must " conceal " good. Had better place in the two side of the bed protect fill up or be in with sponge goods mat infantile bedrail wall, in case little baby head collides directly baluster and get hurt.
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