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There is how many risk in the winter (below)
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Easy frostbite place: Auditive, nose, cheek, finger and toe.
Symptom: If the skin is dried meat shape, hard, show hoar or candle yellow; Stolidity or have calcination feeling. If the case is severe, the skin can become blue or purple, have bubble even. If appear above symptom, should see a doctor to the hospital instantly.

  Processing technique:
* and the processing technique that spend frostbite gently are roughly same. But do not use defrost of warm water delay to hurt, had better use a blanket, or what the little hand that is a frostbite, bound feet puts in you is axillary below, or the temperature that the place that frostbite helps with temperature in the hand that is put in you returns to normal.
What * hurts like jelly is finger and toe, the filler that uses cotton or other softness parts finger or toe.
After the place defrost of * frostbite, the towel that uses softness, cotton or it is gauze touchs water work. See a doctor to the hospital next.
* must not immerse the place of frostbite with hot water directly.
* does not use hot towel or be palmar attrition gets hurt place, should not carry bleb more broken, such meetings cause the damage that the skin organizes.
* does not use Bao of electric heat blanket, electric heat to give the place of child frostbite to heat directly.
Clew: If you leave home or it is other and interior space very far, had better not be outdoor the position that hurts for child delay defrost. Let it maintain original state to be able to find warm place till you. Because just the position of defrost is very weak, if again frostbite, can cause more severe organization loss only.

   Spend temperature gently too low
Symptom: Quiver, remove gooseflesh, hand to feel coma
Processing technique: Change the frozen dress on child body first, let him slowly mobile activity, drink bit of hot water or hot beverage to him, temperature can restore slowly.

  Temperature is too low
Symptom: Lack of acutely tremble, muscle is disorder of harmonious ability, downhearted, thinking, drowsy. If the case is more severe, the child can stop to shake, incoherent or mind is not clear.
Processing technique: Dial emergency treatment telephone at once. Before the ambulance arrives, adopt the child to warm place first, use temperature warmth his body, the key is bosom, neck and abdomen. But do not stand by the child directly burner or it is central heating warm oneself.

   Infantile temperature is too low
Symptom: Skin iciness shows vigor of vermeil, lack, inappetence
Processing technique: Dial emergency treatment telephone instantly. Adopt baby in a warm room, ensure his dress is dry, encase with the rug he.

The society dresses correctly to the child can let them be outdoor amuse oneself when warmer, better off, avoid the happening of frostbite effectively. Before the child goes out, check the temperature outdoor first, if be 10 ° 0,C should not let the child went out to play.
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