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There is how many risk in the winter (on)
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Blew! Snowed! Arrived again in the winter! Cold air can not let the child stay darlingly in the home, face of Bai Xue, ice is the heaven of game in their eye. What you should do is to let chill and harm be far from the child, give him a happy winter!

Even if is a world of ice and snow, also can become the paradise of child play. So the thing that the safety that is the child guarded a pass to become you to not allow to ignore. When the child goes out to play, should have done for him first prevent cold outfit, exhort he must come back to warm oneself for some time too, drink enough water, just can go out to play again next.

* wears helmet of appropriative of blinkers, ski, wrist support and kneecap to the child.
* does not make the child alone be outdoor ski, especially on hill.
* is in enter and exit on hill cable glider when should take care all the more.
* lets the child be in apparent, capacious snow glides on the road, advertent and other skier, do not let the child leave your line of sight.
* is far from those busy trail, but the local ski that does not do not have a person to the summit.

* wears good helmet, cotton glove, put on thick boots.
* 6 year old the following child cannot take sledge alone, must mix Your Excellency one case.
* faces the direction with ongoing sledge to sit, do not want lie low to wear, also do not want body smell sledge outside. What can increase the head and abdomen to get hurt otherwise is dangerous.
* had better choose well-set ligneous sledge, want to glide to also want to be controlled easily easily. Before glide, practice how letting sledge stop first.

* had better choose indoor glacial side. If be outdoor, must be in permission area range.
* cannot make the child alone skate on the glacial face of nature.
If * has a lot of people on glacial face, want to glide down everybody's direction, not go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, more do not cross rapidly in stream of people.
* collides with others to prevent to be on glacial face, should let the child learn first how safe, apace lets him stop.

   Pile snowman, snowball
* wants besides the dress warm, waterproof outside, those who want special attention is the heat preservation of hand ministry. Had better be the waterproof glove that lets the child wear a the five fingers to part. The boots on the foot had better be the cotton skin boots of tall bucket.
* exhorts mix on the face that the child does not want to throw snow group to the child in the neck, should not go the person more push in snow drift.
The place of * amuse oneself should pick the open belt that is familiar with at ordinary times, the area that avoids firn to enclothe has hole protuberant, the child is in amuse oneself when encounter risk.

  Spend frostbite gently
Easy frostbite place: Auditive, nose, cheek, finger and toe.
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