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Have the emergency treatment idea after bad medicine
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Take n/med beriberi water or dermatitis liquid medicine by accident, use Wen Chaguan to take instantly, bring after spit.

Take by accident vitriolic wait for strong acid agent, take with suds or mineral fill, in order to counteract strong acid, bring repeatedly next spit.

Serve alkali juice by accident, can drink to the patient some feed vinegar, wash with acetic add water next stomach.

Take lysol by accident fluid, can use Wen Shui or plant oily gastric lavage, and subsequently fill takes egg white, milk or soya-bean milk, defer after absorbing, urge spit. The condition is critical toxic, should send a hospital cure.

If have the remedy with a large number of sleeping pill or other big noxiousness, should urge inside the shortest time spit. The method is to use chopstick or spoon to press ministry of patient tongue root to bring spit, the water of one dock-glass Wen Liang brings the fill after spitting again spit, spit entirely till gastric content content.

Take tincture of iodine by accident, should instantly bewitch sb by flattery or egg white, urge next spit, undertake repeatedly, do not have color of tincture of iodine till rejection till.