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The vigilant bedding harm to the child
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Likelihood reason: In the life, the clothes that we always can see parents like to use back cushion of a few fluffy or toy of wool cloth with soft nap, fleeciness softness, spring-mattress decorates for darling etc " a bed of down " , can be the bedding of such comfortable softness, probable meeting brings about darling to choke, especially the darling of 3 months less than, when sleeping, probable meeting stems their facial ministry, make they cannot breathe to appear even asphyxial. Although in recent years, initiating all the time on international " safe Morpheus " motion, make infantile sudden death integrated proof (SIDS) has apparent downtrend. But, because bedding crosses a serious offence,still a few babies are met soft and appear asphyxial.

Safety is on guard measure: Do not want exceeding doting child, also do not pursue what style, when decorating bed to darling, had better use harder mattess, bedspread and sheet should be wrapped closely go up in mattess. And do not give little baby use pillow, cushion for leaning on, spring-mattress, or toy of wool cloth with soft nap is put on his infantile bed. Should have used too big, soft quilt to darling more. Can buy to darling make or make suit the sleeping bag with his use proper size surely, such OK and effective and safe assurance is small darling Morpheus.