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Desk horn keeps jacket
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1. Safe and transparent, be full of flexibility, protective child won't be contused, especially eye and head.

2. The design is easy, on the horn side the table that can be used in the family, furniture or other appliance.


1. Thoroughly clean furniture is asked before protection is covered on, make sure Gan Shuang is clean, not smeary.

2. The paster that covers protection is torn apart, cover protection those who be stuck in cleanness to pass locally, by press 30 seconds.

3. In mount protection is covered do not push forcibly inside 24 hours pressure.

4. If desktop ply is bigger, suggest fluctuation horn installs a protection to cover each.


1. Protect jacket to should be covered in flowing surface, rough surface can affect conglutinate result.

2. First-rate is stickup temperature is 20mc. If require the temperature of stickup position too low, usable blower warm-up.

3. Do not use in the place that touchs water easily please, stickup hind use sticky force to be able to decrease again.

4. Door card regards protection as auxiliary tool of the child only, can not replace adult to attend to.