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Multipurpose safety is buckled
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1. Multipurpose safety is buckled can chain well cabinet of freezer, drawer, eat, medicine chest or be lavatory cover board, assure the child's safety effectively.

2. Joint strip is OK conglutinate is in any flowing surfaces, the operation is simple.


1. Stickup before ask thoroughly clean furniture, make sure Gan Shuang is clean, not smeary.

2. The paster that covers protection is torn apart, cover protection those who be stuck in cleanness to pass locally, by press 30 seconds.

3. Stickup the ability after 24 hours begins to use.


1. Safety is buckled should stick in flowing surface, rough surface can affect conglutinate result.

2. First-rate is stickup temperature is 20mc. If require the temperature of stickup position too low, usable blower warm-up.

3. Do not use on the window please, because sunshine illuminate is met,the influence sticks force.

4. Do not use in the place that touchs water easily please, stickup hind use meeting sticking force to decrease again.