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Darling sleeps, careful choose sleeping bag
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To because kick a quilt,prevent the child catch a cold, many parents choose children sleeping bag. Paediatrics expert points out, choose sleeping bag, also must pay attention to the age and method.

Paediatrics doctor reminds, sleeping bag must comfortable, the length of sleeping bag and width want enough, do not want the limbs growth of cloggy child. In the meantime, had better choose cotton qualitative sleeping bag, such permeability are better. The parent should notice sleeping bag suture, if the word of the problem twines finger toe of the child possibly, if have a line, child stingy is inserted go in going out not to come also is insecure. In addition, the baby sleeps inside sleeping bag to should notice safety more, must not make the child's head unconscious be inside sleeping bag. And after entering cheeper phase when the child, can build a quilt, this is far the requirement that than sleeping sleeping bag can satisfy darling to grow more.