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Let noxiousness article be far from the child
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Most person accumulates the thing that has dangerous sex more very much not self-consciously constantly. Some products contain small toxin only, but some have deadly noxiousness, ask you to want to preserve the product that often uses only, and deposit the place that Yu Baobao does not take, throw other thing to outdoor ash-bin inside. Be sure to fine the label that reads every product, with period the admonitory matter that knows mill business directive.

   (Product of 1) low noxiousness

Cosmetic and hairdressing product, wash cream, moist latex, lipstick, skin to maintain article, cease bath oil, perfume, essence, men's breast of bath of perfume, bubble

Blame is officinal wash hair essence

Mercury disinfects water character

Zinc oxide
  (Product of 2) high toxicity: Harm force is extremely powerful

Depilate an agent

Acquire agent of hair agent, marcel fluid, straight hair, erupt agent

Be on a diet pill

Blow beard things -- blow Xu Shuang, blow the latex after the beard

Medicaments -- spirit of A Si Pi, febrifuge, aconite, cough syrup and patulin, allergic medicine, sleeping pill, evacuant, stop nose fluid of evacuant, gush, eyedrop, tranquillizer, stable agent, prevent abluent of dizzy medicine false tooth

Aperient medicines and chemical reagents of 9 emergency treatment -- tincture of iodine, hydrogen peroxide solution, officinal alcohol

Chalybeate is vitaminic iron qualitative replenishers

Fingernail oil and agent of fingernail oily purify

  (3) must the thing that safe lay aside puts

Scissors, grind nail-clippers, cut nail-clippers, razor blade

Razor handles an attention: Use every time end, be sure to appropriate is processing, cannot rise to desertion with was not being wrapped absolutely -- it may blow darling.

   (The medicaments otiose that the content that 4) must discard immediately expires medicaments

  (5) medicaments is warned

Suggest you put medicaments inside the container of lock, what put freezer again next is tall frame go up or the lock is inside your chest, consider following focal point:

1 ) inside the bottle that deposits medicaments Yu Yuan to come, cannot change bottle arbitrarily absolutely.

2) the label on all pill bottle must be withheld intactly. In case emergency happening, you must know your darling swallows what thing.

3) drug cannot be taken in darkness; You can pour wrong dose probably.

4) be sure to the right dosage that according to doctor indicates is taken.

5) if want illicit abandon expire or useless medicaments, remember closing safe cap, whole bottle desertions; Or direct medical dump within toilet closestool or cistern, rush with water immediately.

6) cannot take in order to give you the child absolutely " expire " medicaments, the remedy that also cannot use a few adult with be being taken arbitrarily will replace.
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