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Precautionary child drowns note
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Precautionary child drowns die need parent improves knowledge ceaselessly, and the guard that strengthens pair of children. To all nurse the child's person should emphasize the following:

● must not 5 years old or 5 years old of the following children stay in bath crock alone, even if be,also be no good a little while, because the child is in a inch of high water,also can cause drown die. The child that also does not make 12 years old the following will look at the child in bath crock to bathe. When must pick up the telephone in you or open the door, should all over the child of black bubble rises with towel bag, holding him in the arms to go together next.

● child should learn to swim, but cannot think the child has accepted natant training to won't drown so. The parent also should not rely on the alarm of the swimming-pool to remind his to protect the child, because when when alarm ring rises, the child falls into water already, just saved the child to had had not enough time normally at this moment. Additional, these warning apparatus normally make it the about of all sorts of animals, attract easily child at attention. Better warming system is the warning apparatus that is hanged on swimming-pool gate.

● approachs water limit when the child when, although have lifeguard, the parent also wants rigor to look attentively at the child. Here has my place to consider as optimal principle: Before the child can swim to 400 meters, no matter be to be in beach, in lakefront, still be in wading pool near the swimming-pool, want to let the child put on airjacket. Can expect to the child regular meeting resembles a bull-calf not be willing to wear life jacket euqally, till till his discovery you will never break rules. Arrived when the child when LO comes 12 years old, if he already special be good at swimming, and the skill that has enough out of the wood and eye, so, want he and young associate only people together, need not supervise with adult hour. Additional, there is 1 only in depth of water only. 5 meters, and have when adult is attendant, ability allows the child to go to jump in water.

● was not announcing the pond is laky perhaps formally the ice that go up has reached safe level previously, can permit the child anything but above skate.

● is in have stormy time, anybody should is far from pond and laky.

● does not let the child be in pond, laky or around ski of the river. Though golf field is perfectly the field of ski, but, because these places near water area, put in the risk with potential move so.

The cap of all sorts of ● well and reservoir must have been built.

If ● has a swim pool in the home, must have all around defend the barrier. The barrier should have 1 at least. 5 meters tall, the lock is contained to close plant on the door, can shut automatically, lock up automatically, and attrib wattle interval should not exceed 10 centimeters. Additional, do not use a wall to act as among them one side barrier, because come so, the child passes the door particularly easily or the window is smooth go in.
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