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Chang Yi produces the risk of burn
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1. Electric heat implement

If you must use electric heat implement if, should put in darling territory besides, decide he is not caught.

Radiator of use kerosene of avoid by all means -- provide flammability as a result of kerosene, cheeper is like sortie left and right sides, dangerous and clinking.

2. Water heater

Forbid darling to be close to gas flaming blaze absolutely, inspect its insulation property; Water heater itself feels should not too hot.

   Urgent ask for help: Fire department

Stick the telephone number of fire department by every phone. The fireman of a lot of community checks safe facilities gladly for the dweller to the residence, the processing program that offers emergency and flee for one's life course, reach the method that prevents fire, ask for to fire department " cheeper here " paster, this kind of paster is OK caution fireman, for years in your home young child.

The 1 , room that cannot leave darling in to put the cigarette that lights a bit, cigar or pipe alone absolutely. After you go away, meet probably forget this thing.

2, cannot put lighter or match everywhere chaos absolutely.

3, request guest, kin or baby-sitter are not in darling beside smoking, need not feel embarrassed because of this. If you are not in when the home, ask baby-sitter not to smoke completely.

4, cannot put tobacco in darling to take gotten place absolutely, if darling puts it in the mastication in the mouth, the nicotine inside tobacco will make darling falls ill.