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Notice the pet harm to darling
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  1. Domestic pet

If all animals and darling can peace gets along, that is certain very wonderful. But some moment however things go contrary to one's wishes, do not assume the feline dog of your home can fall in love with member of this newcome family immediately. Some families pet admits new baby liberally, but some however have to quarrels from jealousy one time not to stop. For safe for the purpose of, cannot leave darling and pet to be together alone. When the darling that becomes you is gradually grown, you can teach him to treat pet blandly, so OK and progressively ground fosters each other the accredit between, average note lists as follows:
1 ) prohibit pet and darling sleep together, a guard is added to be protected in order to in order to on the cradle of darling.
2) the bowl of animal edible dish should keep very clean, prevent darling to be felt with the hand touch.
3) feline narrow one's eyes " dirty content box " put in darling to contact limits besides.
4) precaution grows flea on pet body, flea has harm power to darling.
5) aquarium, birdcage, will loose squirrel cage and this kinds thing places Yu Baobao to feel the place that be less than.
6) cannot amuse pet to play in order to take baby absolutely.
7) do not let darling feed feed pet.

   2. The animal on the street

The darling that teachs you need not fear animal, but want careful animal, do not stand by bandog, prohibit absolutely darling goes touching unfamiliar dog, unless you fix that dog 100 percent,do not have any dangerous sexes.