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Children takes the matter that bolus should notice Chinese traditional medicine
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Pill agent is made with honey commonly in for many, before be taken to the child, should microscope bolus is mildewy, once discover metamorphism,do not take.

Children development is diseased, general deglutition function is poorer. When taking a pill of Chinese medicine, the parent should knead the bolus broken, in small spoon with warm boiled water melt changes soup fluid to be fed to children take. When if encounter children to take a pill of Chinese medicine,vomitting, the parent is not impatient, can rest a short while, the point is increased in medical fluid
White sugar water and a few feed again after divide evenly of ginger juice agitate take. Can rise to stop so vomit, adjust the action of herbal medicines in a prescription. To old a bit child, can knead the bolus little grain, wrap warm boiled water of reoccupy of on a bit white sugar to send take, perhaps load paper of polished glutinous rice or inside capsule, with the peculiar smell of cleared bolus.

When taking a pill of Chinese medicine to children, should notice not to use tea water or the beverage such as Coke Cola to send take. Coffeine is contained in tea water, have the effect of a shot in the arm. Children is in cerebral development to perfect period, after taking form excitement easily to fall asleep not easily, and go against a little patient to rest the refreshment with disease. Tannic acid is contained in tea water kind material, take at the same time with pill, easy the absorption that forms complexing content to go against children stomach bowel to and excrete, when contracting disease of gastric bowel path especially, more not the beneficial refreshment at disease.

If in cooperate to use treatment into bolus and Western medicine, special attention answers when taking. Because the part such as gesso all is contained in a lot of children boluses, if be the same as tetracycline a group of things with common features medicaments is taken at the same time, complexing content is formed between two medicine, affect what in gastric bowel to medicaments to absorb. Accordingly, when medicaments of Chinese and Western is operable, no matter take which kinds of drug first, both between best interval leaves 30 minutes.