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The child had better not have taken product of many fast dissolve
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Expert: Does bucket of Gao of Chang of Ti of  of delay of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of sleep of Li of  of earnest of Qiong cease Li step on ⒆ of ⒑ of Xian Shu of  of  Zhang model to call out earnest of Li of cease of alliance of ㄒ Qi balance forcedly?

Recently, guangdong saves bureau of industrial and commercial administration to undertake to cornmeal quality selectives examination discovery, guangdong cornmeal percent of pass is less than most probably, some is microbial exceed bid, some is violated compasses exceed a quantity to use An Saimi and sweet element. Delicate food industry (Long Hai) limited company produces (dimension his wheat) cornmeal of tall nutrition black rice and in senile pumpkin cornmeal is violated compasses used An Saimi and sweet element, the dimension dimension cornmeal that Inc. of drink of dimension dimension food produces also is violated by fish compasses used An Saimi. The reporter visited a few Zhengzhou large supermarket discovery, also the watch of ingredient of fast dissolve product such as milk powder of a few beanses, cornmeal wins the bid have An Saimi or sweet element.

Professor Zhang Zhongyi says institute of food of institute of Zhengzhou light industry: Saddle steps on  a surname to swallow live abroad of border of Ti Chang Xin this  of ず mill gauze becomes warped snipe A Chinese-style unlined garment of cracking thirsty of Gua of bead  て more] cleanse form: Duty of shelfing core branny ⑾ steps on 9  of Α  a surname swallows Ti Chang to subtle Xing Huan ǖ is troubled by  of boundless and indistinct of capture ┳ Yong to swallow Mi Nai of Xia of Qiang  fall from the sky: ?

The expert reminds, at present fast dissolve product increases the great majority on the market have An Saimi or sweet element, regular brand had better choose when buying, see burden table, choose to did not add the product of An Saimi or sweet element as far as possible.

Zhang Zhongyi suggests: Shadow of press and smooth of punishment of brandish of aunt of word of bits of cent of 8 cease exemplarying  steps on ┑ of  of storehouse of elder brother of  of port of  of stand upright of Chang of Ti of  haying Jia wall of emperor of ⒉ of  of Zheng of be lame evil spirit] the close that archives neon weighs to punish β of ┟ of suddenly of  miscellaneous show off rises abruptly Heng of Cheng of ≡ of wait class  ! ?