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Do not let the child be before the television amuse oneself
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Be in environment of intensity of tall magnetic field for a long time ill health. The expert reminds, radiate of magnetic field of electric home appliances

Monitor make clear, the magnetic field of common simple smooth TV set can achieve 5 μ T in before screen 5 centimeters of place, before screen 40 centimeters outside it is its safety limits, the back casts before the safe limits of color television is screen 12 centimeters, plasma color television is put in electromagnetism radiate scarcely. The magnetic field intensity when microwave oven works
, clingy intensity of the magnetic field when measuring exceeds an instrument to determine limits, from microwave oven intensity of magnetic field of 5 centimeters of place achieves 8 μ T, the magnetic field near switch is the strongest, from microwave oven 95 centimeters outside just be safe limits. Intensity of freezer magnetic field is inferior, not big to people noise. Researcher returned the magnetic field that waits for generation to blanket of family expenses acoustics, electric heat to undertake an analysis, the result makes clear, close quarters contacts all sorts of electric home appliances

In daily life, people watchs TV to be in 2 meters commonly beyond, the magnetic field intensity of this position is very low, can affect a person not quite, but some children often are before TV screen amuse oneself, the parent should grant to prevent; After microwave oven is started, answer to leave quickly, do not linger; After warm-up of electric heat blanket, answer to be shut before sleep.

Additional, of the electric home appliances