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Vigilant food desiccative hurts the child
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After brilliant brilliant of 4 years old eats rice cake, take the one packet desiccative in the bag that pack in the amuse oneself in the hand, tear not carefully unexpectedly punched tape, farinaceous desiccative gush enters her in the eye, the double eye that brilliant brilliant is covering to prickle cries loudly rise. Although be sent the hospital around to undertake eye ministry rinse immediately, had amnion transplanting operation again subsequently, but her eyesight or inevitable underground fell.

Reporter from Fudan University otolaryngology hospital understands accessary key point, inside two months, this courtyard receives those who treated 8 because of tearing open food desiccative by accident burn eyes young child. In eye of burn brilliant brilliant that is wrapped " culprit " desiccative is " lime desiccative " , it is pulverous shape completely. Although desiccative wraps bagging to go up to have commonly " please not edible " , " children is not touched " wait for model of written characters, but to children, exist in name only.

Director of power of mew of place of Shanghai product quality supervision and inspection offers, the desiccative in children food should convert material of avirulent, hurtless, if raw material is harmful, must use the wrapping paper that destroys strongly, hard. If there is the space that pack to leave food and desiccative in food bag, criterion the parent is when food of deal out children, must take out desiccative at the same time.

If desiccative splashs an eye, want to use clear water, physiological saline to be rinsed toward side side from nose side as soon as possible, rinse to 15 minutes, send a hospital next; The person that the skin is polluted, want to be rinsed clean with a large number of clear water, serious person can handle by chemical burn.