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In treasure Baoan whole rule insecure
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Parents derives from me to protect to make the child understands in daily life, always admonish he such and such " safe law " , however, the world is changing at any time, a lot of law some that look safe so already no longer applicable.

   Do not talk with stranger

Parents often teachs the child " do not talk with stranger " .

In fact, this one law puts in 3 problems:

Problem one: The expert has done a such tests, let a few mothers admonish repeatedly the child, do not leave a park together with stranger, next, mother people drop the child to hide to far to observe. Result, they very astonish ground discovery, the child leaves a park to search together with stranger unexpectedly " missing mom " . The experiment makes clear, want a flower on average 35 seconds only, a stranger can bring the child elicitation park.

Problem 2: This law alludes the child, stranger is hellion, mean risk, and the person that they know is good person, mean security. This kind of suggestion can give wicked child " acquaintance " have an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage.

Problem 3: If the child is in public be lost, appealing to stranger may be the child's only alternative extremely, and this one ability must be in the ability after be being contacted with stranger or new environment at ordinary times is obtained.

   If your be lost, go looking for a police

Parents crosses this kind to teach the child more " people common sense " , oversight two problems:

Problem one: The mark of a lot of polices, badge is worn go up in the head or on the shoulder, and the child's line of sight basically is centrally under adult waist, in the person much public, the child discerns very hard who giving is a police.

Problem 2: In certain circumstance, the child may not find a police at all.

   Anyplace insecure

Meaning of this kind of view is in make the child a bit more careful, vigilance is a bit taller. But, this kind is taught have side effect, it is alluding dangerous nowhere to be absent, and be met momently happen. To the child, this is kind of safe warning not only, still be a disappointing news, hit the faith that child ego protects.

The another problem of this one law is, its period of efficacy is too brief, when parents warns the child, he can rise alertly, but as time elapse, danger did not happen, the child's vigilance comes down laxly, think parental word is exaggerate sth just to scare people, but often at this moment dangerous ability draws near truly.

   When going out must follow closely parents

Parents of follow closely of requirement child hour is not actual, center for long in some because of the child's attention on the thing, be in such admonishing in sound, the child acts impossibly independently forever.

However, face a variety of insecure real environments, how should be parents done after all?
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