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Urban children accident hurts an account is to decline
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Decline, falling is the chief reason that Chinese city children suffers accident harm. Yesterday, network of global infant safety announced this newest children accident formally to harm investigation. The result shows, be in Beijing only, in every 100 thousand children, the number that children gets injured by fall is as high as 6000 people namely.

This investigation discovers, in the accident harm that suffers in children of our country city, declined happening odds is the biggest, be as high as 36% , already became the principal matter that urban children accident harms.
And the deadly rate respect that outside caring about, harms, decline before tall also house 3, be next to drown and traffic accident. According to investigator introduction, child age is smaller, get hurt because of declining more easily. Of a year old of the following children decline occurence rate is as high as 54% , arrive 10 to 15 years old of phase, declined occurence rate is adjacent still also 30% . In the meantime, the tall hair place that declines accidentally is mix in the home in the dormitory, can occupy 43% .

Investigation returns discovery, decline accidentally great to the child's harm. It is the medical treatment charge of high specified number above all, the remedial expenditure of family of about 6 % exceeded 1000 yuan; Next, the 33 % in declined child because of this learn 1 day to differ to 8 weeks by accident, those who want hospitalization child is average a week surpassed between class hour by accident.

In addition, children uses unqualified juvenile products, be harmed very easily by serious accident. The expert of paediatrics institute is in the capital to just end " good child and children are own brand " point out on the seminar, our country has 160 thousand every year about 0 - 14 years old of children are harmed at the accident to death, tong Yin is harmed accidentally and about 640 thousand height causes damage. Among them, the tragedy that brings about by inferior juvenile products occupies 5% above. Below the circumstance of the biggest reason that has made death of our country children in accident harm, special the doorsill that is necessary to raise juvenile products industry to enter, adopt this kind of measure, conduce to reduce juvenile products insecure the accident harm that cause is tragic.

The expert thinks at the same time, declining accidentally can prevent. The parent in daily life answers this to add an attention more, if be the child to prepare to cycle, ice-skating helmet and kneecap, the window wants lock or mount window column, window edge does not place a chair to wait. The parent returns the critical factor in should cleared home, be like furled carpet, exposed electrical wiring, the balcony that bounty is apart from between baluster and corridor.