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Fogang La Rally first stage of "Han Liu," child prodigy temporarily pull ahead
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2010 China Rally Championship (CRC) finale Dec. 18 at the end of Qingyuan City, Guangdong Fogang the first phase of the competition events. South East Motor million David Yu fleet continued strong yesterday, with 57 minutes 16 seconds 3 results scored the first day of the audience. Guizhou Province, Liu Cao Dong Braun team ranked second in the audience, both 9 seconds ahead of Subaru Rally Team driver Han Han ranked first in the country. Tom Tong day game in the village of North and One car, a total of 8 stages, stage 85.6 km mileage. Although the weather was fine, but the morning temperatures are still hovering at 10 degrees. Braun's first start of the first stage of foreign aid suffered a puncture mark in the bad luck, done better than the first row of the younger brother David, 1 minute 27 seconds slower, ranking 28th in the stage. The second half, Mark struggling to catch up to the end of the day game, with 58 minutes 44 seconds 4 results temporarily in the fourth. Guizhou Braun's "pull prodigy" Liu Cao Dong is Xianyihouyang. For his performance, Chongqing guy admitted the wrong tires for the race he lost in the morning time, but thanks to team-mate Mark Higgins's flat tire, Subaru Rally Team Red Cloud Zander of mechanical failure and the Red River Rally Patrick Francois Lotensin team flat tire, Liu Cao Dong to the audience completed the second day of competition, this is his second in the race this year to the second audience to complete the first stage of the competition results. Before being optimistic about the rich experience of the Subaru rally track race driver results Han to finish third in the audience, Han Cao Lau in the afternoon to put pressure on the winter, but ultimately placing him 9 seconds behind second place. For driving on the concrete pavement, Han that he did not use track race of driving with a rally but remain controlled manner. Tomorrow will be a new Wai, Tang Tang Deng four stages, a total of 64.29 km of the contest. Subaru foreign aid ahead of the exit, Guizhou Braun actually sure to win the team championship, with the drivers ahead of championship produced well into the winter Bailing capsule Liu Cao, tomorrow the final battle has nothing to do with the annual championship, and become teams, drivers Rongyuzhizhan.