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Paralympic champion and eventually became a child prodigy Asian Paralympic tor
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2 sticks grew up practicing the piano since childhood Ma Lin won the Paralympic gold medal In the table tennis world, Ma Lin is famous; table tennis in the disability community, there are a Ma Lin. He was the 2008 Paralympic Team Champion men, singles runner-up. Yesterday morning, Ma Lin served as the second bar, relaxed and calm and finish the full 80 meters. "I am excited very happy!" About the current sub-goal of Paralympics, Ma Lin, said "will make every effort to play to the best level." Paralympic Games in 2008, he all the way through, and finally joined forces with teammates Ge Yang finals, the final removal of the silver medal. Ma Lin will be 3 years old parents sent him to Port Arthur Youth Palace and learn the piano. Ma Lin is very talented, the first musical to play the piano very, very fast progress, less than six months has been able to play many of the more difficult tracks. However, the pianist's dream was shattered at the age of 6 years: he and his children to the zoo to feed the bear, bear and nm been his arm. Later in the play that he loves to play table tennis parents. Primary school, a representative group of primary school Table Tennis Team in the city, with the sound he actually won the second game with their children. Yao echelon rod 72 Asian Games torch was the son of the father is the Asian Paralympic Games torchbearers "Happy! Happy!" Yesterday morning, the appearance of the first 72 torchbearer honest echelon Yao said even after the torch to get happy. Yao echelon only 17 years old with intellectual disabilities is a torchbearer, starting the former, he has been jealously hold the torch in the chest, smiling. Hand holding a flag, his face close to the flag, Yao's friends and relatives flying geese in the field especially eye-catching. Unexpected interview that Yao is the European flying geese to send home the original chairman Yaoliang Song's son, he has a pair of twins, aged 3 years and a half brother and sister. Yesterday, in addition to travel outside the Yaoliang Song, Yao Yan-line more than 10 relatives arrived early in the morning they go hand in hand across the Baiyun International Conference Center to cheer for him. His aunt said excitedly, at home two weeks ago that Yao was selected Geese Paralympic torch Asia, "was especially pleased, that can not be it, his father is the Guangzhou Asian Games torch, which under the father and son are the torchbearers of the! " Like father Yaoliang Song, Yao geese like football. It is understood, now studying at special education schools in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, China has won its fifth Special Olympics football gold medal in individual skill. Yao Yan very fact that the line looks very young and beautiful mother, she told reporters flying geese problem is not innate intelligence, but many doctors can not determine the specific cause. However, geese love sports, and very bright, primary schools currently in special education to learn some social skills. Ms. Zhang said with a smile, flying geese favorite security now, because he felt that their uniform is Viagra. Talking about the expectations of his son, Ms. Zhang said, hoping he will lead a normal life, happy life points. "I'm great!" In the volunteer trip to help smooth finish, Yao laughed very happy flying geese, and came to cheer and clap to celebrate alumni, the students will be handed over to play with the torch. Running at the periphery of the family members to follow the owner came and hugged him one by one. Ms. Zhang said excitedly that the performance of a large flying geese square, than we think good. Huang Guangyuan rod 90 is the last Asian Games nanquan title bar "This is the greatest honor of my life!" --- As the last torchbearer Huang Guangyuan, admitted in an interview with reporters, the first time the torch relay, and I feel excited. "And the excitement and get the Asian Games men fist title is different, that is they had experienced several years of hard training, finally the gold medal in his grasp of the excitement and joy, and as a torch, as a Chinese, Guangzhou, proud man! "Huang Guangyuan," said the spirit of persons with disabilities are worth learning, if you have time I will have the opportunity to see Asian Paralympic games to the site, for their fuel. future will use more time to focus on them. "