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"Blind eye" was a child prodigy after the explosion is still pseudo-Registrati
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When summer comes, a lot of summer courses to have sent staff to expand the enrollment of the elementary school entrance "offensive." / Newspaper profile picture Yesterday, in the South China Sea "blind eye" is a training institution named by pseudo-scientific hoax, but the parents still Huang Guicheng a hotline to the newspaper, hoping to register for the training of 5-year-old son, cause for regret. This year, the newspaper has exposed the "Mathematical Olympiad," "child prodigy", "blind eye" and other training courses on intellectual development of children. In fact, everywhere in the "intellectual development" training, reflecting the parents behind the tamarind into a "god" of the "concept of educating people." It is worth pondering, the parents why the pursuit of "child prodigy"? This is how the back has a kind of social background? How we should train our children right? Yesterday, the South China Sea Huang Guicheng parents scored a newspaper advice hotline 83808380 "blind eye" training issues. The business furniture father wanted to be the 5-year-old son, who can "blind depending on the material," the child prodigy. Earlier, the parents have let his son has enrolled in piano classes, chess classes. But it did not, the training institutions was traced to a pseudo-scientific hoax. In fact, Mr. Huang has such as the desire of parents and a minority. Intellectual development of various training institutions in the hot is a testament to this. Chancheng Weiguo Road, the second floor of an office building, is the Bai Ryan education classroom, which students from time to time came the sound loud reading the book. The logistics department of educational institutions, Mr. Mak said the company received about 5th grade students to "super-right-brain" of the rapid learning-based play, the students usually difficult to learn hard to remember the knowledge points through video and pictures into easy to remember. "Ultra-right-brain" learning flyer states, "5 minutes to remember, random scrambled 30 cards, 30 Chinese idioms or words." According to report, that the development of other training institutions similar to the way memory, but a little more than a gimmick. He said 7-8 months training institutions currently the most popular application, now has reached 120 students, many of which are red "super right" of learning come. Pu Lan Road in the education and training centers of excellence, staff continue to promote rapid imagination to reporters writing classes, and said, "rapid development of the students to imagine the potential intelligence, welcomed by the parents." Apart from the new gimmick, the most sought after in the training market which was also a veteran of the "examination cram." Ryan education, Mr Ng Bai admitted that "we have a special sixth grade sprint classes, the goal is schools, average tuition fees should be 1-20000 (not standard for a full refund), is also very enthusiastic response of students . "In his view, the face of a huge market oriented education, the majority of organizations will focus on examination skills and training to do title. Tongjiqiao large school near the center of education and training of the Principal Education Consultant Wu Ruiying agree to this. She said the company set up a variety of personalized training, especially for primary five and six of the "1 on 1" Gifted sprint, the early rise of small Recommending Excellent League Members Choice test counseling, general strict control, in which prices in one vary, ranging from several thousand to over ten, but still be favorable. Distorted "view of parenting" Wu Ruiying that in the new era under the base became a popular tutorial "trend." Especially in the parents, "nan Wang Cheng-feng women" mentality prompted by, at the re-raise test scores is the lot of people. The people Ms. Lin has a daughter, read the third grade this year, her daughter has been from kindergarteners enrolled in recreational classes, never stopped. She said that after observing that her daughter has interest in language, so enrolled in a singing and language arts training, hoping to develop her own strengths. Currently, there are all kinds of variety for the remedial classes, Miss Lin respect, "the child too much pressure, now, will not." She said, the child was young, more should develop their own interests and hobbies, but not the same as students keep tuition high grades. But after a large number of children, will inevitably fall into the conventional. "I also let her participation in the exam tutorial and other training courses, 3-4 kind of student a teacher mode," sighed Miss Lin said that although the two minute program will than 100 yuan, but in order to test the results, there is no way . The reporters found that "three minutes to remember 100 number", "English textbooks recite every word", the annual summer arrival of a wide variety of training courses will be followed. Foshan training this year on the market, a claim that "eight days of training out of memory prodigy" of course most parents are flipping nervous. In the massive publicity and marvelous live performances and encouragement, many parents spend nearly million children attend. However, after trained, the child has repeatedly failed the exam, the parents of the original capital invested Lianhu fooled. For this phenomenon, Beijing Normal University professor, educational consultant Chancheng cast Unwin said, "The reason why many parents are keen to take part in their children's intellectual training, the main expectations of parents for their children's education distortions, mistaken All children can develop into a child prodigy. "An professor also pointed out that from the physiological point of view, the existence of Gifted Children, and specific functions may exist, because human science has not yet fully developed. Studies in the "Mathematical Olympiad shadow" For many parents to rush the "Class", "Gifted classes", "child prodigy class" and various other training programs, what has what effect? Mrs. Sun people spent 9800 this summer to the 9-year-old son, Lang Lang to join the so-called "memory 8 days 8 nights prodigy classes." In this 8 days 8 nights, training teachers to teach to the method of Lang Lang's some memory, but to really master these methods, Lang Lang home for 21 days also need to learn. "Children can hold much for so long, so students can learn from the few." Says Mrs. Sun Yat persevered, and also received a number of effects. "Instead, members of the public Ms Liu has spent nearly million to his son to attend the training, just after completing the training does have known forward, but the final exam, the child turned 3 Section 7 Division failed." Usually those who show project, teachers were better prepared some memory method, but in fact in the learning process, to compile these memory methods difficult. "Ms Liu's son said. Often to the training institutions all over the publicity campaign, to master a special memory of Lang Lang law that the children perform, to attract more parents "hooked." For this use of their children are doing propaganda of corporate marketing practices, the public is against Mrs. Sun. In fact, in the "blind eye" training before the appearance of pseudo-scientific hoax, this newspaper has had this year, unveils the Mathematical Olympiad classes outside the school stopped and the reasons behind the high price of hot "memory prodigy class" behind the mystery. In recent years, public opinion by the Ministry of Education and the dual pressure from formal Mathematical Olympiad classes in the major primary and secondary schools has been halted, but the outside of the Mathematical Olympiad training market is unusual hot. Not because of popular interest in children to learn from the Mathematical Olympiad, but the parents of the child studies the pressure forced the child to learn. Many of their parents, now, "Learning Mathematical Olympiad exams → Reading → Brand Junior" is necessarily linked, because in many name brand junior high school studies in mathematics there are always questions Mathematical Olympiad Volume shadow. For our children's future, however hard it hard to, but also on the Mathematical Olympiad classes. IQ and EQ Debate The existence of various social development of child mental training institutions, in the psychological development of children 18 years of education experts, the PLA SPORT Professor Chen Nansheng affirmed. He pointed out that the more children earlier to help develop intelligence, the industry has already reached consensus. However, the early development of intelligence can not be simply equated with a kind of learning skills, this is a misunderstanding and parents to follow suit, in fact, but Hailehaizi as a whole. "3-year-old to see a small, 7-year-old look old," Chen Nansheng emphasized that the nervous system before the age of 7 to 70% of completed development, this also means that the basic personality structure have been finalized. 7 years ago, intellectual development is not important, but "the relationship between learning and the cultivation of personality." Among them, the relationship of learning, refers to the relationship between people, and the relationship between objects, and self-relations; Personality, including IQ, EQ and other aspects, such as interests, hobbies, and behavior. For example, he said, China University of Technology Youth Class will run classes from the last century, has attracted a lot of "child prodigy", but the polarization is very powerful, some of these people through training and became a creative talent, but also a lot of mental disorder and division. Although only the case, but can be found, too much emphasis on IQ development is not conducive to the child's development. He therefore stressed that parents should first learn child development psychology, to understand children's needs early. He also pointed out that the present intellectual development of various training institutions in society, the basic purpose is commercial interests, the lack of professional, systematic, long-term mental training in early education for children. Therefore, Chen Nansheng also reminded parents that if these institutions are invited to a professional intelligence training experts to develop a long-term training, assessment and testing program, you can trust. Otherwise, "it's just flicker RMB institutions." An-Wen Zhu also pointed out that virtually all children are individual differences exist, parents must be based on the actual situation of their children, to find the most appropriate child development. Not only to develop the child's IQ is even more important development of the child's emotional intelligence. This community does not lack IQ people, but they often lack a certain emotional intelligence, the road led them to repeatedly run into a wall in the future. "In the Pearl River Delta region, our children's education is very important to their emotions, will, temperament and other emotional intelligence training, including the most basic courtesy and manners belong to the development of the child's emotional intelligence. Let the children learn to respect, know how to trust, understand awe. The fear I think is very important, our children to fear of nature, fear of teachers, fear of elders, but now our children are fearless. "cast Unwin said.