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Played the Chopin piano prodigy Sun Meiting romantic Qintai
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November 24, the world's institutions of higher Julia, the youngest PhD School of Music, the famous Chinese American pianist Sun Meiting Qintai Hall will once again set foot on the stage, on-site interpretation of the romantic 19th century's greatest musicians Chopin . Sun Meiting born in 1981 into a musical family in Shanghai, known as "piano prodigy." In 2001, the 20-year-old Sun Meiting into the Juilliard School, the pianist was subglottic McDonald Ph.D., became the youngest Juilliard School, Dr. piano. Sun Meiting starting from September 2003, Como, Italy, the Piano Master Class by the world famous pianist Bash Clive, Fou, etc. for his class. In 2004, Sun Meiting won first place in the United States Chopin Piano Competition, and won the concerto prize and the Baltic is not wishes. Museums in China Shaxiao Bang, Sun Meiting careful study of the Chopin Etudes manuscripts that completed a doctoral thesis: "Chopin Etude op.10 playing skills explanation." December 2007, the Sun Meiting started college and university in the country music tours and lectures organized by the piano master classes, aimed at promoting classical music, where students learn to appreciate classical music. So far, Sun Meiting solo concert tour of more than 2000 games, highly sought after everywhere he went. 200 in 2010 coincided with the birth anniversary of Chopin, Sun Meiting in Shanghai, China, New York grand launch of "playing Chopin 8" program, will be published during his lifetime Chopin solo piano works of all eight concerts at the end of all performances. This will become the first in China for the 2010 Shanghai Spring's heavy head and show the importance attached by the Shanghai Municipal Government. During the show also introduced the "along the footsteps of Chopin," photography exhibition. "The New York Times" had this comment on his "amazing, like the liquid-like fluid," "a solid young pianist." Even the domestic music industry's leading experts on Mr. Zhou Guangren also Sun Meiting "Chopin 8 bombs" wrote: "Chopin 八日 Sun Meiting young pianist playing in China is an unprecedented initiative, is the embodiment of ambition Sun Meiting. He used his hard to show the world their artistic talent and boundless love of Chopin, for the Chinese young pianist who set the example. I believe that Sun Meiting Complete Works of Chopin solo concert series will be a sensation around the world, caused great repercussions. I wish Sun Meiting show a complete success! "