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Chinese Chess prodigy Norway undefeated defending Super Competition
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2010 China (Nanjing) International Chess Tournament yesterday for the first 10 and last round of the competition, ahead of the Norwegian prodigy Carlson case of a defending world champion Viswanathan Anand of India the upper hand victory Buck Trent Lott, was Was runner-up, while China's Wang Yue was the first master Veselin Topalov comeback, in this contest with a very bottom. Carlson has the upper hand to win 71 rounds with Garcia before World War II Introduction Karimov, Carlson undefeated for two consecutive years in order to rule the roost Tournament in Nanjing, Qifeng sharp Garcia Karimov is not a win, and have actually surprising Copy a 9 and 1 last year, Wang Yue negative record. Anand finished second in the competition Buck Trent Lott, the lowest level of sub-cycle with the first three-game winning streak, the final product 5 third. The last game, Wang Yue of the record is 9 and 1 negative, this competition is to strive for his desire to win a game, the final results of Wang Yue Topalov lost the upper hand, this game bottom 6 and 4 losses for two consecutive years competition without a win.