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Yang Jiahua Xu Yahan child star prodigy into the creative people to join hands i
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Net child star in China's Meng Yuan of Taiwan signed writing prodigy artist Yang Jiahua Xu Yahan together, people walk into the Henan TV program recording operation. Brokers RESISTANCE WAR AGAINST JAPAN, said: currently active in the entertainment in the middle two child stars Xu Yahan, Yang Jiahua, etc., and their lovely, idol for many small audience, which will become a child star is an exciting new force. 

Child star in China - hip-hop kid Yang Jiahua large domestic competition, the team has participated won a gold medal, children participate in activities such as shows and album recording. Also participated in TV drama "beautiful home" of the shooting, and in the Henan TV, Wenzhou TV, Beijing TV, Sichuan TV recorded the wonderful program. Recently, individual single jump jumping now look like Ka Wah's friends released a lot of support.

10-year-old writing prodigy Xu Yahan Taiwan also received invitation to the mainland and plans to enter the mainland market development. The youngest ever producer and songwriter, she is busy writing music and public service activities, as if they roll up the most gas-style weather vane children.

When a reporter asked Yang Jiahua in this wonderful recording what would be the content, the Ka Wah lovely, said: "China is a recording star in the action he has been looking for. And said he liked the column. At the moment, they have the opportunity child actress Xu Yahan to participate in and work a total of creation is a very rare opportunity. Meanwhile, his said this himself in this program will be very mysterious veil to meet with you. want to watch a lot like a friend. "

Disclose the broker RESISTANCE WAR AGAINST JAPAN: The current through our own efforts to train and Ka Wah own efforts, the current schedule is full and it was arranged. And that this little guy a lot of people liked. A star Van ... ...

Program on-site host and Xu Yahan Yang Jiahua hand in hand to see off the stage, in all earnestness, said: "When you see them walking hand in hand, the scene of joy hope we can soon return to Taiwan and Taiwan to the embrace of the motherland ... ..."