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The imagination freedom that allows the child flies
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The house that just holds build by laying bricks or stones anew, the child is taking crayon, chalk to be on wall however graffito, this makes many mom angry do not make one part, berate aloud, in order to show a caution. Actually, you can know, the child is not intended make trouble, "Doodle " mix to him the language is same, it is a kind of important affection expression way.

   Do not use " like unlike " measure child doodle

Treasure treasure is very interested in paint a picture, remember, treasure treasure drew a circle, be not those who say a picture is duckling. Treasure treasure Mom cannot help, drew a pretty like the model duckling actively to the son. Later, should see the son was drawn only " 4 unlike " , she makes a picture actively set an example. However, those who make her accident is, the ability making a picture of treasure treasure does not have progress not only, instead did not love to draw, want what to draw to let mom come.

"1~4 year old the doodle that is the child period. " Yue Yaping of associate professor of department of preschool education of college of Henan campus science says, they begin to generate interest to art symbol, like a painting a few disorder irregular line.

But, as a result of hand ministry small muscle group development is not perfect, initial doodle is more a few desultorily line, dot; As hand ministry small muscle group the development that reachs hand eye to coordinate ability, the eye can watch the way that the pen when doodle runs gradually, can rise graph and line union.

"But suffer body condition and painterly skill place to be restricted, the parent cannot be used ' like unlike ' the picture that measures the child, otherwise, hurt the child's self-confidence not only, irrigate the painterly interest that destroys he just arose possibly still. " Yue Yaping says, letting child doodle is not to foster a painter, encourage them to express feeling with the symbol however, produce imagination and creativity to the top of one's bent, education observation, start work ability and aesthetic ability, health of stimulative child body and mind grows.

  Parent much listen respectfully " picture news " praise in time

On doodle board, a gleam of that the child is drawing at random a bit, the parent is likely " look " do not understand among them picture desire, only " listen " later, ability understands.

"When the child draws brushstroke, their thinking activity had been started, they are met self-appreciation, narcissism, the parent should affirm actively, encourage and praise. " Yue Yaping says, children doodle is not to rely on skill, be a foundation in order to think of peace keeping affection however, his infuse much energy, thinking and affection, the parent wants the picture news of child of much listen respectfully, the imagination that cannot be likened to in experience child while, also let child experience arrive to convey affective through doodle the greatest pleasure.
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