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The United States: Those who do not have danger is OK it is a toy
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Be in the United States, each child is true " cherub " , chinese household is more such. Children have all sorts of toys, there still is special toy room in the home, the toy of a lot of children has hundreds of. The toy that buys newly, play a few days irritated, go buying again new. Each other gives a gift between adult, children toy is a right choice. These are not curious, because the toy of Chinese child is not little also. The article wants to say, be American child " additional kind of toy " exchange baby

In my American room a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, besides cook used kitchen knife, scissors " lethal weapon " , other the child can not touch do not have what thing, be familiar with the use method of all sorts of electric equipment in the home and equipment for the sake of letting the child as a child.

It is computer above all. There are 3 computers that can get online in the study of landlord home, gentleman and madam use 1 each, 1 when remain plays technically to children. These 3 computer are round-the-clock 24 hours switch on the mobile phone, hang on the net at any time. The daughter that son of 3 years old mixes landlord two years old, regarded computer clavier as the key of piano, beat at will, a few odd things often can appear on computer screen. Children the children game to the installation in computer is to fondle admiringly more. Daughter of two years old returns landlord won't oneself start game program, elder brother of 3 years old is already OK oneself start game program, two children often are contended for grabbing play computer game.

The television in landlord home, also became the toy of two children. Daughter of two years old likes to play the feeling switch of the television, often open switch to close, parents also is not prevented.

The mobile phone can play famous hall more " advanced toy " . Parents washs out the useless old mobile phone that come down to be become to children toy, children had distained to be considered, the mobile phone that parents is using, children also can take chaos to press number. Have twice, children were pressed " 911 " , the constabulary enrollment according to the phone address, opening patron wagon howl to wear come to door mouth. The baby-sitter of the employ in landlord home is the visit scholar that comes from China, the United States stops not to return after visa expires, still think the police will catch her, frighten so that be at a loss. And American police is " railroad police is in charge of a paragraph each " , illegal immigrant puts in immigration office canal 's charge.

Besides the mobile phone, a machine phone in the home, children also can be become toy, hitting casually play. Close friends makes a telephone call, landlord also can let children receive.

The electric lamp in the home, humidifier, children are OK and optional switch. Parents are at ease so, the civil tension that also follows the United States probably is concerned. American standard is civil voltage is 110 bend over, civil voltage of China has 220 hot season so tall.
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