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Get used to the principle of 5 old culture with poor force
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Get used to ability strong darling is more healthy, darling has pretty good suiting ability, show its to compare health on character and psychological development; And the darling psychology that gets used to ability difference is perfect degree remains to rise. So, to getting used to the darling with poor force, want to notice what breeding principle in daily life, does ability side darling rise get used to ability?

◆ makes darling much contact the person beyond parents

Can take darling to attend a party to home of relatives and friends more at ordinary times, the darling that perhaps invites neighbour home an amuse oneself, be in with others contact with when, can exercise the independent character of darling, the self-confident heart that also can develop darling and start work ability, intercourse ability, darling had these quality, arrived in new environment also won't because fear without similar experience, he tries bravely, get used to new environment more quickly thereby.

◆ does not frighten darling

"Must not a person goes up in the balcony, drop how to do? " " who lets your person arrive of the bathroom, how does trip do? " yes, darling wants to explore new scope of operation, necessarily can critical factor exists, if prevent darling accordingly, his whats learn won't, can depend on you only. Always take a variety of " terrible " consequence comes gally darling, long darling arrived unfamiliar when the environment is medium, nature cannot be accepted, because he fears perhaps over there what danger is waiting for him.

◆ lets darling learn to think

Darling had ponder over ability, him society was judged, so when arriving in a new environment, he can decide according to judge and thinking his how he should be done, know this new environment stage by stage thereby, accept it.

◆ spins adjust period

The darling with low adaptability, relatively sensitive to the change of the thing, those who need experience for some time " adjust period " ability accepts new thing and environment, as to " adjust period " the accident of time, without certain level, by the decision of on any account of darling fitness. Accordingly, to this kind of darling, the parent needs more patience and include, company darling is spent suit period. Expert proposal, compare poor darling to getting used to ability, do not give darling too much change and stimulation as far as possible, after letting darling get used to a kind of new thing first, try the 2nd kind of different thing again.

◆ is encouraged give priority to

Darling is in face him unfamiliar when environment and thing, hard to avoid can appear afraid psychology, this is very normal, so the parent should not criticize severely darling in this moment is a craven, and should encourage him to hearten set out, in telling him new environment, he can see, acquire, get the thing with different what, stimulate the appetite of darling, let darling step the pace of the action.
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