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The world of irregular change, what need opens is early religion
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About Chinese campus, had had a lot of discussion. But, current undergraduate quality is low, not be the problem of university itself merely. Inchoate education develops to the intelligence of a person, have the model that cannot ignore to create effect. China has a kind of tendency it seems that now: Campus wants " conform with international " , for instance " construction world top-ranking university " motion, try to learn the American example of our flatter oneself namely greatly; Simple education, have the tendency that returns to a tradition, read classics motion for instance, those who be aimed at is basic it is pupil.

If our elementary school teachs the mechanical memorizing pattern that still follows a tradition, although the university did international really top-ranking, also do not suit after the child is grown. Went to an university, character development of the child finalizes the design almost. The child with grown mechanical memorizing, enter discussion class suddenly, ground of the opinion that should express oneself everyday, critically sex analyses authoritative judgment, face such transition, does the student suit how possibly?

Read a story nearly, the student of Beijing some elementary school begins back classics: "Raise do not teach, of father over- , teach lax, the indolent of division... " such lection, cannot say to do not have a truth. But the example that its core is pair of parents and teacher obviously guides, let pupil back what sense there is? the child that should you teach 7 years old how family planning? Read of classics decayed with absurd, can peep one spot from this.

I begin from last year and read classics clique controversy. Him meantime the daughter grows from 5 years old in the United States, went up from the class before learning elementary school one grade. See the education that she gets, consider the experience of own elementary school, myriad of real deep feeling.

When the elementary school on myself, it is to want hand backside to had sat, carry a pithy formula of multiplication of text, back on the back, ground writes new word. The daughter takes the class before learning 5 years old, not only need not after the back of hand, sit over like convict, and it is surround with other little girl, teacher sit in all round roundlet desk. This forms a kind of freedom, interactive classroom. The school still emphasizes a concept particularly, the circle that opens namely (Open Circle) : Students are surrounded sit into circuit, a room leaves not only between each other, return available chair. These room, empty chair, representing a kind of open sex, make the person that any wanting that join, can join their discussion. Although the child just just begins to identify a letter to write, but writing class began. The teacher lets every child recount a paragraph of tale, go up for instance weekend oneself experience, want to have front, have the process among, have winding-up stage, next oneself draw comic to reveal. Had a picture, the teacher is narrated with the character with respect to help child. The child can write a short sentence below every picture unexpectedly. Come down the first year, the daughter writes even picture belt, made a few unexpectedly small " book " .
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