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Let the child maintain happy ability and wisdom
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The daughter wants to learn dance very much all the time, went to Children's Palace attending then " artistic dancing " interest class.

Because the daughter attends interest class, intended innocently bring into contact with a lot of mom, these mom meet even if talk about the child's study, the most in mood is to feel wronged and act rashly, without appreciation, say in the mouth, it is likely " stupid " ,

"Worry about " , " bored " , " not sensible " , " know to have an insatiable desire for play " a kind speech. Yo in the eye in them with do not have it seems that in the heart a joy and enjoy, pay only, dedicate only, sacrifice only.

There are all sorts of You Le toys such as slide at the back of Children's Palace, dance every time end daughter goes there play a little while, my criterion sits on not far arbor to read a book, such harmony allows the daughter's You Le and my study time in all. And in a such one's own little world, of a few parents blaming sound still is ceaseless, "You know to play " , "So big, still play " . Actually we why cannot static next hearts come, see the child play, be enmeshed in the child's world, hear the child's carefree laughter? When the child plays particularly madly, that laugh is the most Orphean, that moment child also is the happiest.

A British mother says: Unplug? of Qiang of Shi of Mou of  of joyous ㄒ of hard ash of ⒆ of dusk of course of study is differ also should become world head surely rich, but he must happy, no matter be in,suitable condition or adversity maintain happy ability and wisdom forever. " every child from be born to have this kind of wisdom and capacity, and this kind of wisdom and ability get the first than the exam, took an examination of class to pass how many grade more significant, this kind of joy and wisdom can let a person learn to have deep love for the life with healthy attitude, spend lifetime warmly.

Many mom hope the child becomes a talent to become prodigy. Talent prodigy people the glorious that admittedly the ordinary person is done not have, backside of Dan Meili aureola still can have unbeknown unpleasantness. The research of a sadness letting a person makes clear, talent children should be experienced commonly at least 4-6 year loneliness period, the loneliness that high talent wants to experience 20 years period, this is not exaggerate sth just to scare people. Because talent children finds the associate with same interest very hard,be, 2 it is talent children the patience that lacks pair of others and patient. Of the child's joy and child " successful " after all which more important? Does the success that does not know pleasure without joy calculate after all do not calculate a success? I think, do an everyday child that knows pleasure to perhaps can be close to happiness more.

The child is innocent, cherubic, candid, have deep love for nature, it is the one side mirror of adult society forever. The child brings us those who be head and shoulders above us pay. Because of the daughter, my manner to the life had a lot of change to the view of life, I am known more and more be thankful the life, it is a daughter with her puerile handgrip I took another heart world, let me learn joy. Do mom to do not have what criterion actually, also do not have what wise move, want to have a heart that can love and can love namely, go having deep love for the life, do a happy mom, also let the child learn joy.
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