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Become happy darling first, become again clever baby
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Nowadays, "Education begins from 0 years old " the viewpoint already was accepted generally for people, can say thorough popular feeling, inchoate education develops flourishingly, making an overwhelm tendency of the day. However, in practice, in broad family even nursery school, inchoate education often has a kind of appearance that follows suit. Before paragraph period, pursue intellective development, a lot of parents hope children will have a bright future, look at female Cheng Feng, formulate a series of inchoate education program: Tang poetry of knowledge word, back, calculate arithmetic... nursery school teacher is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, come on stage to change to measure educational education of the standard to reform for check with child intelligence quotient in succession. Teach early in this absorption, fostered children of a few clever high intelligence quotient indeed. Current, advocate quality education, the parent and teachers adjust luggage hurriedly again, will " artistic education " it is without exception " quality is taught " , guide children to play piano, picture learning a picture, experienced dancing... the child that has strong point then is increasing. Through these " follow suit " , we discover not hard, in these educational practice, pedagogue people the absolute sex that exposes the one-sided sex that gives understanding and education: They are equal inchoate education and inchoate and intellective development, onefold artistic education and quality education confuse sth with sth else. Little imagine, stimulative cheeper quality is overall and harmonious development just is the target of inchoate education. More main is, these teach the manipulative idea that behavior reflected him pedagogue only, they ignored a main factor: When doing all these, is the child happy? Does he what what you teach want to learn? Joy is the child's most important mood, the sentiment that whether has joy is having all in all sense to development of child body and mind. With respect to body development character, joy can make each respect function reachs the person optimal state; With respect to psychological development character, joy gives a person active up force; be used to of go to school, happy mood can make cerebrum is in active reception and locomotive condition, produce first-rate study result thereby.

I feel, on whole, our inchoate education reform should be advocated " the childhood that gives the child a pleasure " , we should let the child become happy darling first, become again clever baby.

   One, let the child obtain joy

1, the plasticity that pedagogue itself wants to have happy mood child is strong, good imitate, suffer the effect of pedagogue exert a subtle influence on easily. Teacher or parents want activate a favorable psychological environment, the sentiment that notes oneself, disposition, humanness conducts oneself in society, accomplish hopeful and open-minded, do not deliver oneself bad mood to the child.
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