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The expert reminds hands or feet of child of Mo Shu ligature
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In report occupied new network on April 27 report of news evening paper, what allow child movement in is close child on the activity, shanghai mother fears the child is conversed from beginning to end, contuse, amuse oneself gets dirty clothes, protecting the child momently, instead overcautious; And foreign parents lets child unbridled ground run however, play, spent truly happy momently. Preschool education expert points out, the athletic collaboration to rearing child consciousness, development latent capacity and intelligence are very important.

Recently, in Pudong Xin Jinqiao moves recreational center, what family of 600 many China and foreign countries played to give priority to a problem in order to move together is close child activity. Many foreign children play sweatingly, cry happily aloud, foreign parent also is accompanying his baby, cry aloud: "I love sport! " what contrast to it is, although Shanghai parents also lets the child to the top of one's bent amuse oneself, but guarding from time to time aside, result child also does not put underhand method from beginning to end. Individual child still is grunting: "Mom often is being stared at, play not happy! Play not happy!!

The foreign nationality teacher of the spot tells a reporter, in the west, people very athleticism, let the child move to mean the psychology that lets the child have nimble body, abundant spirit, sagacious cerebra, self-confidence and good cooperative consciousness, the self-confident heart that raises them, competition ability and social truck capacity.