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Report language goes breathtaking: Computer is polluting children blood
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"European children is sufferring the menace of computer, textile, cosmetic and electric equipment. Inside the blood of children inspiratory a lot of dangerous and chemical material in afore-mentioned article, make thereby health is affected badly. " newest report points out fund of world wild animal.

This research report of fund of world wild animal involved 13 families in 12 Europe country. The blood of the 3 acting people to these domestic members had researcher example is collected. Result discovery, grandmother contains 63 kinds of harmful and chemical material such as insecticide in the blood of one generation, the mother contains 49 kinds of harmful and chemical material in the blood of one generation, there are 59 kinds of dangerous and chemical things in children blood. Among them a lot of compound in children blood are new breed, prevent like what be used generally at electric equipment at present light an agent.

This fund organizes an expert to cover with tiles case accept expresses: "Test findings makes a person be surprised, these every day object that contain harmful and chemical material are polluting the child's blood ceaselessly.

Researcher is afraid, the child in the future is faced with the menace of more chemical material likely. "Because accumulate the harmful chemistry inside children form material is increasing, the generation in the future may contract more diseases in lifetime. " (Zhang Hua reads aloud)