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The sexual difference that forms as a child may cause obtain employment problem
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Cui Hui has not cherished any hopes to his obtain employment now. Cui Hui is this year's graduates of northeast agriculture college, began to begin to apply for a job October from last year, she experienced countless times mail the resume, interview, large invite applications for a job that enters province inside and outside is met, looked at the achievement on the class to have assured source in succession as his schoolboy, cui Hui quited choose job finally, she chose to attend graduate student exam next year. Obtain employment experience of Cui Hui is the bitter experience that a lot of female undergraduates ever had had.

Clerk of department of resource of labor power of a well-known company of our city ever made clear pair of reporters to express: "Alumna mostly the body is not strong, energy is not quite abundant. Compare with schoolboy photograph, the boldness of the abiding, job in endurance and decisive respect more abdicate prepares. You also know, we ask applicant is hard-working, so we take no account of alumna commonly. " but, its parents are reached in female undergraduate this one unjust phenomenon accusing at " imparity of male and female " when social problem, the unreasonable sex difference that in realizing the home to grow the inchoate education to the child however, exists also is " chief culprit " one of.

   "400 household budget survey " protruding teachs neuter to fasten difference now

Heilongjiang university sociology fastened parents of pair of child of 400 nursery school of our city to make relevant investigation a few days ago, findings exists in the 6 domestic education that liberal side shows children sexual difference state.

One, the problem of existence of mode of sexual division of labor in the family. Findings shows the of 58.1% mother in the family basically assumes the job that teachs the child, and father is occupied only 10.3% , the parent of 28.7% is to assume educational job jointly.

2, the difference that interferes to the child's association. "You interact to the child and other little girl " problem, the parent of girl of supportive rate prep above of boy parent 10.3% percent. The parent is in to the girl the control prep above of intercourse respect is in to the boy the control of this respect, demonstrative girl was hit as a child the traditional brand of should little show one's face in public, although be in what the idea changes increasingly today today, still a lot of parents cannot sheer the fetter of traditional chains.

3, the difference that expects to the child's record of formal schooling. The hope obtains doctor's degree and master's degree in the future, boy parent scale is 59.0% , 29.5% , girl parent is only 31.2% , 44.2% . Explain the parent is taller to the boy's expectation.

4, the difference that expects to prospective profession. Hope before the profession that the boy pursues 5 are: Person with ability of cadre of office of soldier or police, scientist, state, doctor, government; Hope before the profession that the girl pursues 5 are: Cadre of office of person with ability of the staff member of the school such as doctor, teacher, government, interpreter, state; Among them " scientist " a tall in the boy house the 2nd, and bend however in the girl house the 7th. This is equal to had given the girl qualitative---"Inherent not be that makings " .
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