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Domestic environment is affected to what infant language develops
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Findings makes clear, domestic environment element is having very main effect to the language development of children. Does the room count much, mother and children to ever departed 1? 6 months and father are introvert the critical factor that is considered as to affect baby-talk character growth.  
Expert analysis thinks, in housing area same situation falls, the room counts many space small, the territory of children is restricted certainly. In addition, the opportunity that domestic room number makes children and parents manage a room together much more likely is opposite less, the communication of children and parents decreases, children hears the conversational opportunity between parents also decreases inadvertently, this may make the opportunity of children study language decreases.  

The research of Taiwan makes clear, bringing up a person is a when affect process of baby-talk character development main factor. Children is mixed by the mother grandmother is collective minder is more alone by the language development process of maternal minder notch taller. Multinomial research hints further, in 12? During 18 months, mother and time of children beautiful more are collective the activity will make children is in 18 months have more vocabulary.  

Discovery is returned in be investigated this, in core family, if the child's father is introvert, criterion the language that the child lacks an in part possibly is exciting.