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The or so head that lets darling is developed at the same time
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The child with a normal growth is put in the potential with infinite move, two years when be born in the child in, must develop the ability of the right head such as inspirational, instinctive, creativity, sensibility. Left head says again " oneself head " , " rational head " , basically undertake the abstract thinking that gives priority to with language and computation, have extremely strong maths concept and logistic analysis capacity, be good at changing complex its method. Right head says again " ancestral head " , " intuitionistic head " , " image head " , basically undertake thinking in images, it is the impulsion of fancy, creativity. Where is the right brain function that how develops darling?

It is the cognition of right head image above all, call type identifying ability again. New student the face that can meet a mother namely, and his memory is identified to come out as the concept with image for the most part. This kind of concept is the thing that can take in the instant, also call type identifying ability. He gives taletelling when half Morpheus, use his image memory namely.

It is graphical cognition next, namely figure knows capacity. With conversation when, pointing to corresponding article, criterion the figure that right brain gives this article with respect to conference report comes. The nurturance in daily life uses the convention of graphical begin to remember things, can upset right head, make its progressively activation.

It is dimensional identifying ability again. Let darling bat punching ball as a child, begin to be not patted, the ball can be held after practicing a few months. Still can let the child make a round trip in the darkness in him home, until can walk freely, increase dimensional identifying capacity.

Finally is painterly sentience, someone says, natural scenery of China is right head model, want activation right head to often should look after children above all the handicraft that appreciates the beauty, building, statue, stamp and natural scenery. Education child draws the interest of the picture, more apparent to the stimulation of right head.

Brains is not one wants by the container of cram, however the firebrand that a need is ignited. In the course that teachs the child, have game with darling more, to them happy freedom abounds imaginary space, make darling is in relaxed in the latent capacity that developed right head, trained the mastery of a skill or technique of left head, make the integrated ability of cerebrum scores the play of the oldest rate, so, our darling is the person above average that potential of 21 centuries wisdom develops.