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The domestic child that often dines together succeeds more easily
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The good nature that rears the child and breeding have all sorts of methods, american expert thinks, need not look for tutor and good school vigorously, the simplest method is a family dine together, this not only can child of education of ground of exert a subtle influence on is on successful path, still can make domestic concern more harmonious.

  More important than learning time

A report that the United Nations Children's Fund Commission publishs last week shows, in the developed country, the proportion that American children and domestic person dine together is the smallest, only the person of 65% has a few times every week in child of 15 years old eat together with family prandial, this one scale exceeds 90% in Italy and law national capital.

Addiction of whole nation of American Colombia university and researcher of corporeal abuse center are right the 3 national findings that undertake to 12 years old of children show, if the parent agrees some more floriferous time accompanies the child to have a meal together, and " contain teachs Yu Le " , the child gains high mark more easily or acquire good quality and style. Those a week eat the child of the meal 5 times to use drugs lesser together with family at least, dietary convention is better also; A week and domestic person have a meal together the time is little the child at 2, the probability that drinks with respect to smoking when ten years old is times more.

Consider to show, the family dines together obtain favorable result to have very great help to the child, more important than learning time even. American job and Michael of life concern adviser this say, it is not easy that the child that wants adolescence often dines together with family, the parent is OK " design some of special issue to make them devoted go in, perhaps eat a brunch on Sunday " .

  Enjoy whole dine together process

The expert says, have a meal with family include to enjoy whole process together: Decorate table, food end arrives on the desk, with the experience that everybody communicates him one day, enjoy together without pressure, loosened hour. The destruction that lacks this process to be caused to domestic concern cannot be made up for.

Be in the name is " the mystical force that the family dines together " in the book, because because say,author the Kingdom of Wei applies peaceful, having a meal together with family is member of front courtyard of every a person of academic or artistic distinction the spiritual prop in a day, children should know, "The home is over there, and you are among them " .

Learn too much to the child can take an examination of good university and force them, or the parent works to be able to bring about domestic concern aggravation to promote to a high office and work overtime. The expert thinks, best family dines together should be: Put out TV, encourage the child to chat, do not force the child to eat them not to like eating thing, also do not discuss them why to take an exam to was not taken an examination of good when have a meal.
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