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Zhanjiang violin prodigy Li Xingyu won the third International Competition
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In the just ended Third International Violin Competition From the Extremely good news - the violin player in Zhanjiang Li Xingyu lined with strong opponents to compete for the world, have won the third place honors youth group. Third International Violin Competition in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh capital Astana at the State University of the Arts, set up this competition young group (16-28 years), Junior (15 years), there were from Kazakhstan Stan country, Russia, Moscow Conservatory, South Korea and China and other countries and regions, School of Music, nearly 100 players participate in the competition. Served as the judges of this competition, the main countries in the world and the world of violin virtuoso State institutions of violin music educator. University of the Arts including the president of Kazakhstan Aiman Mussakhajayeva, Germany, Petru Munteanu, Russia, Edward Grach, South Korea Jeajoon Ryu, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan's Aral baissakallov other well-known authority.