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How does violent rage of child of keep within limits break out
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"If we hope to alter a certain aspect on children body, we should be examined first, whether is seeing this also the thing that should be changed on him body. Whether is seeing this also the thing that should be changed on him body..
-------Case of famous flourish of depth psychology home

When often seeing some children did not satisfy his desire in the parent, cry aloud be troubled by, roll about on the ground, or him tear at hair, dress, or holding adult leg ministry in the arms to going back on his word not to go. These behavior call violent rage show effect. The child in violent rage fit often does not listen dissuade, unless the adult satisfies their requirement, meet otherwise refuse to budge goes down.

The mood that violent rage fit injures him child badly not only and physiology condition, also make parent like a drowned mouse, a lot of parents feel very intractable.

The disposition of violent rage fit and child is concerned, but the reason that breaks out again and again often depends on parent body going up. If libidinal requirement of the child is unreasonable, it is proper that the parent does not grant to satisfy. If the child breaks out because of this violent rage, the simplest way is put him in the room alone, make short the segregation when, desolate he a few time. Alone segregation to the child, it is a severe penalty, he will have time refrigeration to come down to reconsider how doing next. At this moment the parent wants midway to yield anything but, go indulging violent rage fit of the child, should not be more in the adult form two groups, one clique holds to penalty, one group position is conciliatory, before the child the dispute arises. If the parent attempts to use,exchange fit of violent rage of child break down with the method that indulge fondly, it is aggrandizement if really ever since so violent rage fit, the child is sure after time-tested.

To the child that easy violent rage breaks out, want to strengthen the psychology to them to coach at ordinary times, when producing unpleasantness, want to use an activity to change a way, let their insecurity in heart of the drain in sports game or other activity, establish the preach manage, model that says courtesy to learn for them for them. Break out every time after appeasing, want to teach them gravely, make they realize their error. If discover the child to be able to restrain his to do not have fit which, should give in time praise and reward. Finally, allude a bit, the parent already did not break out via constant violent rage oneself, throw a basin to break a bowl.