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Darling psychology pressure is great, suffer from easily all sorts of " syndrome
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But these days I discover she has bit of incorrect interest, still shouting not to want to learned to dance. The teacher of the class before learning is mirrorred, fine saying minute attends class attention is not centered. Often immerse oneself in cut rubber with the knife that cut a pen, together well rubber cuts those who break brokenly, next paper has wrapped reoccupy to lose rubbish canister in, one morning kongfu eliminates two rubber. This child how, have enemy with rubber!

She comes home when doing work, I sit by her, leaf through her writing case, there is rubber as expected inside, keep wrongly written character, she uses the small rubber on pencil head to brush. See her this appearance, I say: "Fine, was the rubber that just bought done not have how? " her head also did not carry, say: "I also do not know, disappeared in the school today. " did not think of this child, lying eye is not blinked, my gas does not make one part, raise hand was hit toward her head. I ask her again, which went to rubber? She says in a low voice. With the penknife mincing and refuse. I say: "You how, ill, well why did you throw rubber? " fine fine dare not see me, low head does not say.

The following day I bought a rubber to her again, tell her to forbade reoccupy penknife to cut. She nods. Finish class when receiving her to come home. I ask a teacher fine to fine cuts rubber today. The teacher says, today is trashy penknife cut, but her clerical error word, on the notebook with rubber death ground is brushed, paper rub, ask how she returns a responsibility, she says the word is written bad.

How to return a responsibility after all? I ask a teacher, these days fine fine and other classmate be difficult with sb? The teacher says, besides do rubber, her not very speaks. This child also place of it doesn't matter goes, be in the school by day, learn to dance in the evening, can you be teenage what issue to give over there palace?

Had asked the dancing of teenage palace the teacher to ability knows, a few days ago, fine fine is a bit proud, when learning dance movement, do not quite reach the designated position, the teacher criticizes her, she pouts a small mouth grouchy, the teacher did not let her make demonstrative motion, call a child to do however. Fine fine is not willing at that time, the station is worn motionless. The teacher is very angry, pull her at the same time, let her think well aside.

It is so such, I get online searched, this kind of phenomenon that discovers fine fine is very common between children, experts are what this kind of phenomenon says " rubber syndrome " . Current the student of elementary school low grade of 30 % above has different rate " rubber syndrome " . Expert analysis says, "Rubber syndrome " the report that is child psychology angst, its reason is psychological pressure too big, especially burden of singleton female school work is overweight. Take an exam when the child achievement is not very ideal when, parents always is a rebuke. The advantage that takes other child even sometimes will compare the defect of own child, raise the price of the commodities in the child's mentally.
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