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The child searchs joy to He Yi is in oneself
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Now, the parent cognizant of great majority arrived to foster the child to love the clean, polite, value that defends the good convention such as order, and the problem that finds happy convention oneself to rearing the child, did not cause enough attention however. So, teach child nurturance to search happy habit to He Yi is in oneself

1, can develop the child's optimistic and easy individual character, can make the child becomes ebullient person. The child learns the skill that interacts with the person easily, can win more friendship. Return the outstanding character that can acquire others and experience through association, have very great help to improving the quality of child oneself.

2, the child can generate interest to more things, its accept the ability of new thing, new knowledge to also can increase, have seek knowledge strongly desire. The child still is met as dry as a chip insipid study (and even the job in the future) should do interesting game to treat, learn knowledge with relaxed and happy mood.

3, the child that finds happy convention oneself always can treat any difficulty in order to smile, adjust oneself state of mind can timelily, it is difficult to make oneself have confidence and courage to go to another overcoming more.

4, the child that has this kind of habit, if encounter the trouble with not satisfactory unpleasantness, even psychology is harmed, also be able to restore quickly. If your child nurturance after seeking happy convention oneself, you can discover the child has more than allowing when to be awaited before confidence, firmer, have energy more.

All children love to play, amuse oneself and game are the child's life, also be their job. Through playing all sorts of game, the hand key point that can advance the child cooperates ability, enhance a constitution, increase the capacity that solves a problem, still can develop a variety of interest and interest, abound imagination. Carry out a proof, will tell to the child, game has the special function that other education method cannot supersede. For example, often the child that the child of game accepts restriction than game has richer imagination and creativity. If the child can move back and forth for long toy, interest is commonly after its are grown abiding and sense of responsibility is strong. Additional, sexual role is very important also in game, girl nature likes baby, the boy likes to act overmatch in game, like dance gun to manage a club, the parent guides the child's sex correctly to be opposite one of giving birth to that have profit to development. Since game has this main function, the parent should let the child play to one's heart's contently, often mix the child is collective game, correct guiding gives in game, achieve contain to teach Yu Le's purpose.