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Before school age, law of transition of personality of 4 kinds of children
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The child that reachs school age is about to go up elementary school. Expert proposal, live to let the child get used to elementary school better, in blending in new environment with good individual character.

1, inactive model the positive action that the child affirms him

Individual character description: This kind of child is behaved at ordinary times silent, dissocial, kill person of be shy with strangers. They look very congenial, won't pester parents to want this to want that commonly, won't raise a question to the thing of certain novelty more.

Proposal: At ordinary times the child with more inactive individual character, the body is normally frailer. Regular meeting of this kind of child because of bagatelle sentiment is intense, after insecurity of mood of child every time passes, parents wants try every means to help the child loosen the mood. The child of this kind of type, need parental encouragement and support particularly, so, even if the child made cannot Rao Shu's fault, parents also wants careful exercise to punish a method.

Transition practice: In the life, if the child has active and active show, the mood that parents should be deeply concerned with tenderness praises him. Those who do father and mother is OK still often ask the child a few questions, for example reads a book in the child when, can raise a question to him: "Do you like to which book read? " after looking, can ask him: "Which person in the book to like? " such doing can make the child make think and choose.

2, good move model the encouragement that the child gives patience

Individual character description: Good move model the child often is not willing to staying alone, they like to run to run, cry repeatedly belt cry, till oneself exhausted. Mix as a result of exorbitant reactivity stimulant, they often attention is not centered, do not defend discipline, get used to the life that is restrained very hard.

Proposal: This kind of child does not sit normally, sitting to read quietly is a very difficult issue to them. Normally they are to the interest of some thing in short time can disappear. To the child of this kind of type, parents does not blame them as far as possible, help the child find out him to like the business that do however.

Transition practice: If the child likes to see cartoon, parents can raise some of question first before the child is watched, for example " who is the hero in this film? " etc, return the book of form a complete set that can suggest the child sees this cartoon first, such his meetings very have fun at the ground is accepted, return the interest that can arouse him to read at the same time. Also can accompany the child to have a step more kind, spell plan play or be manual labor, at first the child cannot hold to how long, parents ought to encourage the child patiently, and to the child the achievement in game gives ardently response.

In addition, before the child makes game, parents can make the task for the child, after the child finishs the job, parents is examining when achievement but proper captious, develop responsibility heart of the child gradually with this.
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