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Children mental health 10 big contraindication
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Avoid coddle is doting.

Parents " fondling -- , be addicted to child -- , by accident child " , this often is the trilogy that a few adolescent in real life take the wrong turning.

Avoid be partial to is indulgent.

In daily life, the child in public err finishs sth, the parent is known perfectly well incorrect, try to shelter and be masked with a variety of reason however, its make the child cannot treat defect and mistake correctly necessarily as a result.

Avoid is tricked.

Some parents pursue temporarily quiet, not hesitate fictional falsehood cheats the child, such ear cowardly eye are caught, make easily parents of child follow the lead of, the character and morals with nurturance dishonest affectation.

Avoid satirize.

Satiric to child satirize, feel OK " arouse " aspirant, the result is just the opposite to what one wished.

Avoid beats and scold physical punishment.

In real life, some parents believe in " do not lay become a useful person " credo, cannot convince people by reasoning, beat and scold however, physical punishment, result such not only have the objective that is less than education, injured the child's proper pride instead, often produce feeling to oppose.

Avoid attention is not centered.

Want to let him child choose appropriate game and motion, foster their attention concentration, finish the ability of a job attentively.

Fear lack gets used to ability.

Want to train the ability of children acclimatization, it is very beneficial to the child's development so.

Avoid does not have control force.

Want to train children to learn to dominate his sentiment, include to dominate oneself unreasonable requirement and desire.

Avoid melancholy is silent.

Want to develop the disposition with hopeful and humorous children, avoid by all means is sullen.

Avoid is depended on.

Want to let children experience certain difficulty, the society overcomes difficulty from body and mind (disposition and constitution) two respects have put oneself through the mill. Develop the ability with independent children as a child, it is the key of children mental health.