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The child says how vulgar language does
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Say this kind of uncivilized behavior produces vulgar language on child body, nothing more than the following 3 kinds of circumstances:

1, learning to say vulgar language. Without dispute idea, it is the characteristic of children. Others is scolded, I also am scolded accordingly, it is a kind of when the child learns name-calling common psychology. As parents, should distinguishing the child learn with who, undertake having the education of specific aim next.

(1) the child just learned to talk, curiosity is strong, one kind cannot refrain from imitate instinct, now and then hear people says a bad word, he does not know the meaning of this word learned accordingly. Parental avoid by all means feels to hold out amused and intended lure he or burst into laughter, such meeting aggrandizement this kind of his behavior; And should tell him: "This word is the word of name-calling, not Orphean, darling does not learn. " in eliminating uncivilized behavior in budding condition.

(2) some parents at ordinary times not quite him be cautious words and deeds, the child suffers his to affect, also learned to say vulgar language. Such parents should raise his accomplishment above all, severe at be self restrained, make from the beginning, build civilized, courteous language environment for the child; Pass taletelling next, do the formal church cheeper such as game to learn to use courteous term. If parents now and then recommit, so analyse should straight-outly with the child: "As a result of,a moment ago was grouchy, spoke that word, we are incorrect, you also do not want to learn, henceforth we everybody does not say this kind of word. Henceforth we everybody does not say this kind of word..

(3) in the big environment that the child lives in the society, hard to avoid gets the influence of all sorts of undesirable words and deeds, saying vulgar language also is such. Parents should adopt to this a few be on guard accordingly measure: Should let the child avoid to contact as far as possible on one hand all round undesirable language environment, make them inaudible bad language, learn to be less than bad language; Should enhance the child again on the other hand " immunity " force, teach the child make a clear distinction between right and wrong, tell them, name-calling, say vulgar language is not cultured behavior. Additional, parents should pay close attention to the child all round the circumstance of young associate, for the child the choice tells the civilized, associate that knows courtesy, learn the opportunity of name-calling in order to decrease each other.

2, be forced name-calling. This kind of circumstance happens between young associate commonly: Produced contradiction, a tooth for a tooth, sufferred bully, borrow name-calling to abreact oneself dissatisfaction... at this moment parental ten million cannot rebuke of ground of right on the face, or him be partial to the child, and should undertake patiently persuasion education, teach the child to settle the dispute between young associate with self-effacing manner, answer to make known his position clearly. The child is afraid of the love that loses father and mother, be afraid of the psychology that loses young associate, the undesirable words and deeds that can make child him drop.
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