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The child " ham-handed " it is how to return a responsibility
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The child is brought up gradually, small when can saying is simply a day an appearance, look, child footstep of a year old is flabby still, did not walk good, drop when sitting in the; on the ground to have a thing, often asperse food one ground, when crawl easy also trip. Arrived two years old, the child runs with respect to meeting houseful chaos, not be tripping, hit tea table namely. When 3 years old, ride overset of the meeting when small tricycle, when playing a ball, easy still concede points meets an eye. Child of 4 years old is more frisky, keep momently, often do in the home imbroglio. Arrived 5 years old, the child ability in a way is sensible, but come back from out via often can bearing scar.

The boy before school age is better than the girl move, because at this moment their metabolism is very exuberant, so the muscle development of leg ministry and arm must be compared fast, and the girl before school age is neurological development relatively the boy is a few faster, because of this activity that a few use hands point to their preference, for instance chromatic, clip and paste, dress for doll or be to play meccano to wait a moment.

Because dot is not sensible, it is dangerous to cannot foreknow, so conveniently of classics regular meeting puts the cup in the brim of the table, return chaos of meeting agitato full house to run sometimes, or asperse toy, wastepaper one ground, or else is flat fall from stair... every are planted to this moment, the total dispute that becomes father and mother often headaches, so, after all where is the reason?

Original, children develops not quite because of muscle, lack ample behavioral practice, so unavoidable appear ham-handed. And because,a little awakward child is itself knee introvert, or a leg is too short, another leg is screwy, those who cross-eye is caused still grow on some feet. A kind of circumstance after encountering, parental look after children in time to be treated to the hospital with respect to Lv of take an examination.

Because of,become the child " awakward " and when getting hurt, young parental must not again one disaster after another goes blaming the child. Do not want pair of children especially: "You are really stupid! " once the child because of you was affixed " stupid " label, although this child was brought up, also can have walked along a doorsill to be able to fall. Because your malign suggestion had created a possibility to the child,this is it is permanent negative effect.

Parents should help the child often exercise muscle conciously, run together with the child for instance pace, dance or be to play baseball to wait a moment. The child that still is opposite 4 years old for instance, can teach him to practice nailing nail. In addition, parental still can accompany the child to play take take gadgety sport, resemble castle and so on for example. If discover the child likes to be on paper graffito, that should encourage him, let him develop imagination adequately.
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