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Disposition, the good destiny of child lifetime
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A lot of people think the child wants only clever can grow into useful timber, not! This is very one-sided and even wrong viewpoint.

At the beginning of 20 centuries, american psychologist Teerman and his assistant people be chosen in 250 thousand children unplugged 1528 the cleverest children, determine their intelligence quotient, investigate their individual character character, one by one on record, undertake observe for a long time and dogging study next, look after clever child is grown successful. Children finish elementary school, middle school, some enters a society, some attended a college, teerman and his assistant people still trying to dog, record their change. Dog from what 50 time announce research data looks, their success is great different. Dog in these in the object, most person gains the success of different level on the career, become expert, professor, scholar, entrepreneur or the person that have all sorts of special skill or knowledge, but also have convict, hobo, out at the elbows person.

According to the analysis, outside excluding the social factor such as good luck, the loser is put in the disposition character with certain and undesirable move almost, some is feebleminded, some is arrogant and complacent, some loses active enterprising mind, some is dissocial and do not be good at handling human relation. Anyhow, these losers, because be not intellective element to be deficient in,basically be, so they fell behind, move toward the opposite of achievement even.

This one research is very big to our inspiration. Socially many teenagers make cleverer, it is petty trick at least, but their disposition inferior quality, the result is clever turn over by clever by accident.