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Analytic darling people " additional kind of hunger "
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We are when abdomen is hungry, hungry feeling can appear, this is " material is hungry " , the mankind still has another kind of hunger -- spirit is hungry. Is darling invigorative hungry? Some! The as the head rapid growth after baby is born and the extensive contact with the outside, not only the body is brought up, mental activity also begins budding, if darling has " spirit is hungry " , meeting drag in their constitution and intellectual growth.

  Psychology is hungry

The highest psychology demand of darling, the love of parents of nothing is more... than, especially maternal love. When the voice that hears a mother when them or the smile that see a mother, either reaching little hand is Yi prattle ah the ground is crying, come with cry even " coerce " , requirement mom opens wide bosom for him. If needed the desire of cuddle to get satisfaction, cry can stop suddenly, complexion subsequently " by shade fair " even " rosy clouds is all over the sky " .

To this, psychologist of a baby of American explains: When darling is held in the arms to be before the bosom by the mother, the contact that one kind establishs to provide conciliatory function most between Mu Ying -- the bosom is contacted to the bosom, what darling unwell mood gets mother love instantly is optimal and placatory and tend quiet, psychological hunger is able to satisfy. Researcher observes, after be born inside 30 minutes namely by the child of maternal cuddle, cry less than other baby later, sleep any better, feed is some more successful also.

Understand not hard, parents especially a kind when maternal bosom says going up is little baby " psychological vitamin " , the formation of good to them mood and individual character has very big effect. Accordingly, adopting the child more at ordinary times is " feed " the optimal manna with darling hungry psychology.

  The skin is hungry

American psychologist breaths out unusual monkey experiment to show, animal and person are existing the problem with hungry skin, little baby is highlighted particularly. They long to get the cuddle of adult, the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket that although was brought up to also like to be being pulled,Yours Excellency is recumbent perhaps adult, this is the expression with hungry skin.

What does skin hunger have to endanger? Clinician discovery, the skin often is in " hungry " the child of condition, often disposition bite one's lips of depressed, dissocial, love or gnaw fingernail, collide indescribably even sometimes with head or limbs wall. Consider to show, those who eliminate skin hunger is best " food " be the skin such as parental kiss, stroke is close. The print outside occupying reports, euramerican popular spirit is hungry in recent years in the children that waits for a country disease, expression is a movement logy, unresponsive, expression is dim, average children of health of body discretion Yu Tongling, lack the close result that parents skins namely.
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