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How to know to exercise the stand or fall of the effect
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[introduction] the child undertakes physical training, can enhance a constitution, stimulative development. But, if physical training is disobeyed science or undertake undeserved, also can bring a harm to the body. So, how does ability know the stand or fall of physical training effect? Exercise the stand or fall of the effect, often depend on the size of carry momentum. If carry momentum is too little, not need arouses the latent capacity of splanchnic organ, can load come down, raise goal of splanchnic organ functionary with respect to short of so. If carry momentum is too big, exceed physiology load of the child, meet pulse is hurried and faint, occurrence dizziness, disgusting.

The child's body each organ system has not mature completely, function is not perfect still, because this must not move,the quantity passes big. How had mastered appropriate carry momentum?

The handiest the method of easy travel is to determine pulse. Because of the energy that body movement place needs, come from for can corporeal oxidation. Energy is used up bigger, the oxygen of need is more, haemal abide ball also is strengthened accordingly, contractive frequency and contractive force also add cardiac.

Accordingly, carry momentum is bigger, pulse is faster, the time that pulse returns to normal is longer also. Can pulse is the good physiology level that measures carry momentum. Measure pulse, when had better getting up in the morning, because this time pulse compares stability. If take exercise after the following day in the morning, it is normal that pulse restores, explain carry momentum is appropriate. If the following day pulse than usual fast, the 34th day is returned such, explain carry momentum is big. Physical strength did not restore, should decrease or rest for some time.

Carry momentum is appropriate, besides determine beyond pulse, even referenced find oneself. If take exercise hind, eliminate through exhaustion of one night time, the following day child energy is very exuberant, the mood is very full, explain carry momentum is appropriate. If the following day exhaustion was not eliminated, the child does not have energy, dejected, the whole body is faint, explain carry momentum is too big, need to adjust.

The child's appetite also is a norm that observes whether carry momentum is appropriate, those who pass period of time take exercise, the child's have a good appetite, appetite increases, height and weight increase faster, explain carry momentum is appropriate. If pass period of time take exercise, the child's have a poor appetite, appetite drops, see food has cheesed feeling even, explain carry momentum is too big, if be adjusted not in time,can affect healthy.

Carry momentum is appropriate, the child's Morpheus is good, not only Morpheus time is long, and sleep darkly, such is helpful for that remove fatigue, refection, promote grow development, moved to become benign abide ball with Morpheus namely. Conversely, because the excitement of pallium is mixed,restrain maladjusted, although the child feels fatigue, but sleep bad. Such, not only cannot remove fatigue, refection, the growth that still can affect the child development, suffer from even contract a disease, encounter this kind of situation, should adjust carry momentum instantly, or rest for some time temporarily, carry undertake taking exercise since momentum as a child again.
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