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How to promote the development of child self-awareness through motion
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The child is energetic, be happy amuse oneself, move through amuse oneself, understand the ability of themselves and their body can morely. Begin, their him assess behavior always is two extremes, not be exorbitant, it is too low. Because do not allow them their to make objective assessment to defect and mistake selfishly,this is, restrict and cannot master behavioral essentials adequately as a result of this kind of ego again sometimes. They are when assess, can make only " good " or " bad " , "Correct " or " mistake " conclusion. The success that they carry out and the self concept that fail to be stabilized to establish, having main effect. If a child cannot be in children is inchoate and perfect the skill of fundamental movement, always repeat its mistake in real activity, so, he is met difficult when defining proper ego idea. Because this parents or teacher should be inside the range that child motion ability permits, the choice learns easily simply, the sports activity that has active sense allows child practice. Avoid to produce misdirect as far as possible at the same time, in the multi-purpose and active language affirmation when assess movement, when for instance the child is learning to bat rubber ball, want to be able to master a ball cast only in the begining piece by the body, can flap with the hand then ball, be about to gave " to be opposite the positive assessment such as very good " of " , " , and the other action detail such as the pose of the drive point that does not emphasize hand-type, hand batting a ball too, body. Here, joy should be the first.

Athletic practice asks the child undertakes exploration ceaselessly, solve the problem that appears in motion hard at any time, they still can lend the motion that this will come to master this ability. There still is a kind to accompany adventuresome activity in athletic practice, if allow child swarm, climb ladder, be in those who leave the ground very tall " swing " go up to wait evenly. Undertake these activities can help the child overcome oneself fear, the excited feeling that finishs these activities and ego safety feeling can make children is formed " I can be done " determination, can provide sufficient understanding and the capability that evaluate oneself correctly for its more.