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How to teach child learning ran
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Cheeper of 5 years old is right broadcast the game that angle runs is interested very much. Often play rise to forget exhaustion, the adult wants watchful guiding, receipt good activity is measured. And should notice safety, church the method that they dodge, raise a requirement, examine the case that cheeper carries out at any time. Undertaking relatively before acutely runs, should open each joint activity adequately, run to standing still to be not moved, cannot crouch more or sitting, and should loosen the ground to go or make relaxed and a few relaxation gymnastics, happy game, make cheeper regains relatively quiet position gradually.

The problem that cheeper appears easily when ran has:

1, the upper part of the body straight, to step oningly is inadequate, the elephant is to sitting to run;

2, pace is inhomogenous, equine pace runs;

3, action of move about arm is wrong, straight arm swings, also have swing for the axis with ancon, the movement is not loosened not harmonious;

4, return some or so yaw, centre of gravity is flabby;

5, be born is heavy, splayfooted, piece a mouth breath, the adult should notice to correct at any time.